Go ahead. Make a big statement.

In life, it’s the small things that make a big difference. Like the all-new i10. With its fresh and expressive design and gigantic selection of cutting-edge technology – it’s a clever companion that gives you the style and flexibility you need to Go Big. #HyundaiGoBig

Perfect for small spaces and big moments

City streets can get a bit crowded sometimes. So when it comes to navigating narrow intersections and squeezing into tight parking spaces, you’ll love this clever city car’s refreshing manoeuvrability. Measuring just 3.67 metres long and 1.68 metres wide, the all-new i10 combines a compact exterior with a roomy interior with plenty of space and flexibility to live your life in a big way.

Discover the inspiration behind the design

Inspired by the shape of human muscles clothed in athletic sportswear, the smoothly muscled main body is shaped to provide maximum inner space. Reflecting this inspiration, the design of the i10 presents a complementary contrast between soft surfaces and sharp lines that give the car a gentle technical look. In the interior, the designers balance athletic style with roominess and practicality.

A bold new look

All flowing lines and muscular contrasts, the all-new i10’s dynamic new look catches the eye in an instant. In the front, the wide black grille and sculpted headlamps make a very sporty first impression. And inside the stylish new cabin, fresh patterns, textures and the latest multi-media technology welcome you with a clean and modern look.



Kappa 1.0 T-GPi 5-Speed Automatic FWD (5-seater)

Engine Engine Label 1.0 Kappa T-GDi
Displacement (cc) 998
Max. Speed (kph) 185
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 100/4,500
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 17.5/1,500
Acceleration (0 – 100 kph) (sec) 10.5
Braking Distance (100 – 0 kph) (m) 40.3
Number of Cylinders 3
Valves of Cylinder 12
Transmission Transmission Type 5-Speed Manual FWD
Fuel Consumption Fuel Type Gasoline
Exterior Overall Length (mm) 3,675
Overall Width (mm) 1,680
Overall Height (mm) 1,483
Wheelbase (mm) 2,425
Front Wheeltread (mm) 1,467
Rear Wheeltread (mm) 1,478
Weight Lightest Curb Weight (kg) 1,024
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg) 1,045
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1,470
Wheels & Tires Wheels 6.5JX16
Tires 195/45R16