Technology loves you.

And it makes perfect sense. The all-new SONATA is winning hearts and minds with its advanced technologies that actually care for your well-being. Its advanced driver assistance technologies work invisibly behind the scenes to liberate you from the worries and stress of driving and make you a smarter, better and safer driver.
From the exterior styling to the driving dynamics, the all-new SONATA projects sensuous sportiness which served as the guiding concept throughout the all-new SONATA’s development. And because today’s drivers want a smart, personalized experience, the all-new SONATA answers the call with a suite of connectivity and convenience features. Whatever your lifestyle, the all-new SONATA is the perfect fit that will open the door to a whole new world of driving freedom and pleasure.

Technology that inspires.

The all-new SONATA’s high style does more than just spark the emotions. It delivers high rewards with innovative design features like the gradient hidden light technology, a sure conversation starter that adds to the all-new SONATA’s mystique. the all-new SONATA’s high-tech image is reinforced with LED rear combination lamps and available full-LED front lighting. For a statement that expresses high performance, Hyundai offers the optional 18-in alloy wheel package and premium Pirelli tires.

A step closer to perfection.

Step into the all-new SONATA and discover that driving perfection is closer than ever. That should come as good news because nobody is perfect: Mistakes can happen but the all-new SONATA’s advanced driver assistance technologies can identify trouble before you do and will even take corrective measures to help make you a safer, better driver. Every detail of the the all-new SONATA is truly new yet all of the key touchpoints feel so familiar and instinctive to use for a feeling of total trust and confidence. The all-new SONATA: It really does bring you closer to driving perfection than ever before.

Sound that embraces you.

The all-new Sonata‘s premium BOSE audio system creates an immersive sound experience of such startling realism and clarity that you‘ll feel like you‘re actually there at the original source. This upgrade comes with twelve acoustically-tuned speakers, Centerpoint Surround Sound and dynamic speed compensation that will have you feeling like you have been transported into the recording studio. This upgrade comes with twelve acousticallytuned speakers, Centerpoint Surround Sound and dynamic speed compensation that will have you feeling like you have been transported into the recording studio. Bluetooth, now installed as a standard feature, further elevates the listening experience by providing the convenience of a hands-free connection to your smartphone.



Smartstream G2.5 MPi 6 Speed Automatic Transmission FWD (EU3/4)

Engine Engine Label 2.5 Theta III MPi
Displacement (cc) 2,497
Max. Speed (kph) 210
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 179.5/6,000
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 23.7/4,000
Acceleration (0 – 100 kph) (sec) 9
Braking Distance (100 – 0 kph) (m) 40.1(16″)/40.5(17″)/39.2(18″)
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves of Cylinder 16
Transmission Transmission Type 6-Speed Automatic FWD
Fuel Consumption Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Consumption
(Urban / City)(liter / 100km)
Fuel Consumption
(Extra Urban / Highway)(liter / 100km)
Fuel Consumption
(Combined)(liter / 100km)
CO2 Emission (Combined) (g/km) 176
Exterior Overall Length (mm) 4,900
Overall Width (mm) 1,860
Overall Height (mm) 1,445
Wheelbase (mm) 2,840
Front Wheeltread (mm) 1,633(16″)/1,623(17″) /1,618(18″)
Rear Wheeltread (mm) 1,640(16″)/1,630(17″)/1,625(18″)
Weight Lightest Curb Weight (kg) 1,417
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg) 1,543
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1,980
Wheels & Tires Wheels 6.5J X 16″, 7.0J X 17″, 7.5J X 18″
Tires 205/65 R16, 215/55 R17, 235/45 R18